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When it comes to offering courier services and delivery services in Wilmington, there are not many who can compete with the expertise and experience of Express Errands. Whether it is to deliver medical supplies with our same day delivery service to Wrightsville Beach, Hampstead or Figure 8 Island, we have you covered; offering the most reliable delivery service available in all of Wilmington. Considering the hustle and bustle of Wilmington and environs, Express Errands is reliable and available to serve in efficient and affordable delivery services in the area. When it comes to providing the most reliable local courier service or same-day delivery service, we have you covered with the fastest and most dependable services in Wilmington. Whether you need to deliver perishable medical supplies to Castle Haynes or get freshly prepared sumptuous lunch to Wrightsville Beach, Express Errand is the best courier and delivery service company to call on.


We offer courier and delivery services to the following areas from our Wilmington Office:

Wrightsville Beach: Known for the hustle and bustle that usually besets the area, Wrightsville beach could be a tough time if you are trying to get food for your picnic or to get medical services to the city. Why delay your convenience when you can hire Express Errands to take care of the delivery?

Hampstead: Getting perishable goods to Hampstead could pose a problem, especially when it comes to navigating the traffic that could often betide the area on some days. Save yourself the stress of worrying over your delivery and hire Express Errands today.

Carolina Beach: With our delivery service in Wilmington, we cover areas like Carolina Beach that require specialized and speed delivery services to the area without any hitches or delay. Same day delivery to this area is also very affordable.

Our Courier and Delivery Services in Atlanta Covers all Forms of Delivery

Express Errands renders courier and delivery services in a wide variety of specifications. From large orders to small sensitive files and documents to medical supplies and catering. Below are some of the services that we can deliver for you;

Medications, Medical Devices, and Medical Supplies
In Wilmington, we can get your medications, medical devices, and medical supplies from our Wilmington Courier Service office to anywhere in Wilmington between Hampstead and Leland. We understand and take cognizance of the fact that handling these supplies and devices require special care and attention, and this is why we give the most careful thought to delivering these goods to their destinations in the safest ways possible.

Food, Groceries, Pastries
We understand that food should be handled with proper hygiene and this is why we employ the strictest hygienic policies with our staff when handling food and other such sensitive materials. Express Errands makes sure that your food, grocery or pastry order gets across to you without rotting or decaying and in very healthy condition.

Sensitive Documents, Bank Runs, Court Filings
If you need to ensure that your sensitive documents get across to the recipients in due time without compromising the privacy, we are the right people to call on. We ensure that delivery of sensitive documents gets across in confidentiality.

Same Day Wilmington Delivery Services:


Service Area

Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Castle Haynes, Hampstead, Leland, Figure 8 Island

Lab Specimens
Fresh Food
Legal Papers
Hot-Shot Parts & Equipment
Medical Equipment

Other Services

Cable & Utility Sit-in Service
Pick up/Delivery
Document Witnessing
Package Pickup & Mail Out

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