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Our company exists to serve people from all walks of life but we have a carefully tailored system that focuses attention to the needs of businesses. Our business to business model helps us better position to serve businesses in the Virginia Beach area, bringing efficient delivery services to their doorsteps at incredibly affordable cost. Now, by simply registering with us, retail owners, restaurants, grocery shops and utility businesses can deliver directly to their customers without having to worry about the confidentiality of their delivery. For food businesses, we have created a system that puts hygiene first and delivers culinary services with proper handling.


Express Errands & Courier – Virginia Beach

Thinking about getting things delivered within and across Virginia Beach and worried about beating traffic stress, delivering on time and having the package intact and safe? Express Errands & Courier is expanding to serve you better in several areas of the country and we are excited by the launch of our office in Virginia Beach.

Are you tired of wasting time navigating the city to drop off packages for several customers and seek an alternative for completing your same day deliveries? We are currently expanding our staff to cover the Virginia Beach area in providing quality service in the aspect of providing same day deliveries, running express errands, and handling courier services with effective customer service management. 

Our errand and local delivery services come with the highest quality, with extreme and careful attention to customer satisfaction. Our mission is achieved by going the extra mile to ensure that your package is delivered intact, without any accidents or damage done to them. 

We offer courier and delivery services to the following areas from our Hampton Roads Office:

Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport, News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Elizabeth City NC, and Kill Devil Hills, and we are in the business of helping people save time on running errands, delivering packages and much more.

Virginia Beach Courier

Do you run a medicine or health business and need a courier service company in or around Virginia Beach that handles drugs, injections or other such sensitive materials while maintaining the safety and integrity of your deliverables? Then Express Errands and Courier is definitely the best option for you. 

Our new office in Virginia Beach handles deliveries of sensitive documents, meals, medicine, and just about anything you may need to deliver with extreme caution and care, maintaining the best practices to ensure your package arrives on time and intact. This is one of our sure promises; to handle your deliveries with extreme care and attention. 

We have adequate equipment to ensure that deliveries are handled with proper care; temperature preservation equipment to ensure your food does not arrive cold and to ensure your medicines are delivered in the right temperature. We also ensure that our vehicles are designed for absorbing the shock of the impact from driving through rough terrains without upsetting or disturbing your package. As an added advantage, our drivers are trained to handle sensitive materials with strict attention to confidentiality of the packages being delivered. This helps us and our clients to keep a lid on their sensitive materials that they want to be discreet. 

B2B Information

For legal and financial services, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver with a strict attention to the confidentiality of the package. Our drivers and courier handlers are trained to handle delivery of sensitive materials without having to worry about the confidentiality of the materials or the package. We pride ourselves in this aspect of our business as it is one of our best records in the other areas that our business currently exists. The reputation that we have built speaks for itself through a history of clients who have trusted us and seen us deliver. 

For businesses that handle medical services and require a courier service to handle medical supplies carefully and with strict attention to the temperature requirements of the supplies, we are the best bet. We have in stock, a wide range of the best equipment for handling such sensitive materials and getting them delivered across rough terrains without exposing them to damage of any kind. 

B2C Information

While the pride of our work is often in the deliveries we handle for business owners and service providers or, in the more general sense, our B2B network, we are also very concerned about the courier needs of our individual clients and we are always optimizing our business model to include their primary needs and take note of the services that would better serve them.

We are always positioning our business to serve individuals who need to send things from one place to another, regardless of the content of the goods they intend to move. We have a fleet of vehicles to handle a wide range of courier and delivery services. We also have trained personnel for handling errands for individuals at a considerably affordable rate. 

Our drivers, courier handlers and errand staff all carry extra insurance and are professionally trained to handle deliveries and courier services with strict adherence to company policies that are designed to protect the interest of our customers and clients. Visit our Virginia Beach office today and change your delivery experience. 



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We offer same day courier services in and around the Hampton Roads metro area for B2B. Contact us today for a quote.

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