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At Express Errands, we have competent and dependable assistants who are capable and experienced in the handling of any kinds of packages or errands; no matter how sensitive they tend to be. Our promise is to provide express and competent errand services for those who are occupied with their work schedules so much so they cannot handle their extra errands. Our assistants are also highly equipped with special skills that have been honed over years of working and running errands. Whether your looking for an errand service near me or it is managing your personal daily run-arounds, or planning and organizing an event on your behalf, or running things optimally around your office, our assistants are well equipped with the right skills to handle these tasks effectively. Using our assistants takes the burden of handling too much work off your shoulders. Our errand service Atlanta office has a wide variety for you to choose from

We Can Help You Do the Following

Personal & Business Errands: Our team is here to make your days easier and running errands for you or your business.

Personal Assistant Support: Our assistants are well trained and very experienced when it comes to working closely with you on small errands in your office or home.

Scheduling: We have well-trained assistants that are capable of running errands of any kind, irrespective of their level of confidentiality or sensitivity.

Executive Assistant Support: If you need help in your firm with handling small errands for your executives, our assistants are competent in handling information with confidentiality. We have some of the best trained and well cultured staff in the business of running errands.

Research: Need someone to help you with your work research; getting necessary materials from distances and helping with any forms of information gathering for your research.

Home Office Organization: Need help setting up your home office? Unable to move large office items and need a professional hand or pair of hands to help you out without damaging your equipment? Express Errands is the best bet for you. Our assistants are well trained in handling a number of sensitive equipment and would deliver the best services. 

Relocation/Packing/Moving: Are you moving and do not know whom to trust with the packing and moving of your household items? We are one of the most dependable packing and movers and we offer commendable service as well.

Flight Reservation: Need to book a flight for an important meeting but unable to take time off work to book the flight? Express Errands is here to help you reserve flights and prepare for trips while you focus on your work.

Move Out Inspections: Are you a corporate housing company or property owner that needs a company you can depend on to perform your move out inspections? We perform move out inspections for our clients with photos of the property. We can also return cable equipment as well.

We are Different Because

We are always here for you. While others may state this, we uphold it. We are one of the few delivery services available that actually provides on hand assistants to assist you with your difficult tasks.

Our platform is really easy to navigate. Our booking platform is designed to be relatively easy to use and convenient for the average customer. You can make your reservations within minutes.

We provide instant charges, no hidden fees. Our system is so transparent that you get your bill immediately you indicate your need. There are no hidden charges. We do not seek to rip you off. 

We Support

Everyone from families to entrepreneurs to executives and startups.

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Who Needs An Errand Service?


Corporations, Event Coordinators, Individuals, Seniors, Business Owners, Small Businesses, Contractors, Construction Sites,  Medical Offices,  Corporate Housing, and many more.  


*We do not transport clients.