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Welcome to Express Errands & Courier Service

We offer a wide range of errand services that are all designed to help lighten your load whether you're looking for a small one time errand or a daily or weekly recurring errand, we have you covered.

We serve individuals, small businesses, and corporate clients whatever the situation and the challenges you or your company face, we're confident we have the perfect solution for you.

At Express Errands & Courier, our job is to make your days just a little bit easier with our full-service concierge-style errands and courier services.

We do that by providing a wide range of reliable and highly professional services, from event planning and relocation support, to project management, house staging, errand services,  waiting services,  pharmacy deliveries, and many other services to fit your need. At Express Errands & Courier Service we’re here to help make your day more productive, pleasant and most importantly help you complete what needs to be done. 

We have offices located in North Carolina & Georgia and service the Wilmington NC, Jacksonville NC, and Atlanta GA areas designed to meet both corporate and personal needs. The best part about our company is we can help lift your burden, without crunching your budget.


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Errand Services





General Errands

Grocery delivery services
Purchase and/or pick-up of office supply
Gifts purchase, wrap, deliver
DMV registration and renewals
Take lunch, books, or homework to school for children
Pick up mail or newspaper when out of town
Deliver bill payment
Post Office runs

Realtor Services

Place Agent Signage
Place Open House/Sold Signage
Placement of Flyer Box
Errand Running/Courier Services
Key Delivery
Stock refrigerators with groceries for customers
Open House Prep (Light House Cleaning)
Open house set-up



Senior Services (Non-Medical)

Grocery Shopping
Drug store errands
Waiting for service providers
Lite Housekeeping
Lending an extra hand when needed
Check in (safety visits)

Pick Up/Drop Off Service

Dry Cleaning
Event Tickets
Store Purchases
Last minute gifts
Break Room Supplies

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Who Needs An Errand Service?


Corporations, Event Coordinators, Individuals, Seniors, Business Owners, Small Businesses, Contractors, Construction Sites,  Medical Offices,  Corporate Housing, and many more.  


*We do not transport clients.