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Our Background

Working for Express Errands & Courier service, we're a same day on-call courier that has clients from all industries. We work with local Hospitals, Realtors, Pharmaceutical Companies, Corporate Housing, Retail Chains, Cancer Research Laboratories, Physicians, Attorneys, and many local B2B companies.

Each of our calls is unique, and each day would be different. Express Errands & Courier is not the type of business that has a routine in our deliveries each day; however we are routine in the majority our vendors and contracts we have in place.

To be considered for this position, you need to be the type of person who's quick on their feet, neat in appearance, and a can do, will do attitude. Dependability is what gets you the most work with our company.

About The Position

Use of your vehicle
Paid weekly
Local deliveries

Delivery Drivers

What will you deliver?

Specimens, packages, documents, parcels, TBD


21 years of age or older
Knowledge of the area
Registered, insured vehicle, Jeep, Van, SUV, pickup truck
Proof of a valid driver’s license & Insurance

Now Hiring for the following locations:

➣ Now hiring in New Bern, NC
➣ Now hiring in Jacksonville, NC
➣ Now hiring in Atlanta, GA
➣ Now hiring in Virginia Beach, VA
➣ Now hiring in Richmond, VA
➣ Now hiring in Tucson, AZ - New location
➣ Now hiring in Phoenix, AZ - New location
➣ Now hiring in Yuma, AZ - New location

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