Small Deliveries That Change Lives

Small Deliveries That Change Lives

A box which is no larger than a pack of cigarettes. Inside, two small ampoules with blood and tissue samples collected this morning from an 8-year old boy. His mother hopes that at the end of the lab results they will get back, the only highlighted word will be: NEGATIVE.

We can’t guarantee this, but we are experts in getting those samples to the lab as fast as we can, in the best conditions, so that the result is real and no retesting is necessary.

Controlled temperature

It is crucial when it comes to specimens to carry them in special cases, at a certain temperature. Depending on the type of sample, some need to be kept just cold, other frozen completely or in other specific temperature conditions. This might seem unimportant, but it could make the difference between a usable sample and the need to go to the laboratory again. Sometimes a delay like this can be fatal. Other times a spoiled sample means more waiting time and spending more money.

Certified personnel

Our staff knows the vital importance of the packages they are carrying. They don’t just think about the deliveries they make as parcels, and they know they carry hopes, fears and a bit of each of the clients.

As medical couriers, they have undergone relevant training and have all the necessary certifications to handle medical samples. These include compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, DOT regulations as well as HAZMAT for biohazard handling.

Fast, secure and discreet delivery

Our medical couriers take great pride in their job and offer complete confidentiality of the nature of the shipment. You can receive them in your home or office, and it will be no different from an online shopping delivery.

Each member of our staff is trained to honor the fact that they are being entrusted with something so personal and to take all necessary measures to deliver the package to the lab in the best conditions, as fast as possible.

As a client, from the moment the sample is stamped with your personal barcode, you can follow the status of the delivery and be ensured that everything is going great.

Why outsource?

We believe in a Patient first approach, and we’ve trained each of our members to follow this mantra.

We have the best delivery equipment certified by the appropriate regulatory organs, including room temperature bags, refrigerated specimen bags, and hard coolers. The carrier has also lock-boxes to ensure complete confidentiality and safety. We worry about compliance, so you don’t have to.

We optimize our routes, and we serve more patients, so we keep our costs under control.

Give us a call and rest assured everything is handled by true professionals.

Wondering How to Make Your Same Day Delivery Courier Rock?

Wondering How to Make Your Same Day Delivery Courier Rock?